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  • Armellini Express Lines provides specialized refrigerated truck load service in 48 states.
  • Team and solo positions available. All our team drivers become Haz-Mat certified within 30 days of hire. A job with us includes our expedited service to Florida and California, and all points in between. 60 years of experience in refrigerated transportation of fresh-cut flowers and truck-load freight. Employment with the Armellini family includes the knowledge that we are the number one choice for floral shipping needs.

So, whether you are relocating, acquiring a new or pre- owned vehicle, sending a child to university, or transporting your automobile to a specialty shop, we are certified to meet your needs .

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Truck Driving SCHools For CDL License

CDL and Truck Driving School Graduates in Nationwide TV Commercial

Students that enroll in CDL Truck Driving school receive more then just an education in truck driving but an opportunity to be in the companies TV Commercial. Person of 18 years of age and greater are eligible for this opportunity. This is a contest and the winner is based on performance during the training period. What's equally as exciting is the winner will recieve completely paid transportation, hotel lodging and $1000 in bonus winnings.

Individuals who enroll in a CDL or truck driving school listed at do not only have the opportunity to pass their CDL test and be professional truckers; they also get the chance to be featured in a nationwide TV commercial.

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FAW is short for First Automotive Works

which constructed China's first automotive production base in 1953, now it is called First Automotive Group. Meanwhile FAW is the vehicle brand of China First Automotive Group, it has represented Chinese automobile brand for several decades. FAW has been at the forefront of promoting China's automotive industry, as a commercial truck producer, in order to expand its production scale for light truck, in 1997 FAW has working in partnership with Hongta Group which is the biggest tobacco company in China, constructed Faw-hongta Yunnan Automobile Co., LTD, a new state-of-the-art automobile factory which is specialize in producing light duty cars, with an annual production capacity in excess of 130,000 units, it is the largest light truck industry base located in southwest of China.
After several decades joint efforts, FAW-Hongta Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. becomes a professional vehicle manufacturer, focus in producing FAW brand automobile, now its production consist of light truck, dump truck, mini-car, MPV, etc. FAW-Hongta Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. adopted ISUZU technology in automatic welding lines and mold machining centers for vehicle production, it uses the latest information technologies and through constant innovation, makes its vehicles with high technology equipment.

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Freightliner Truck Jobs

Historically, the term Argosy goes all the way back to the 17th century, when large trading vessels built in the Venice region were used to navigate the coastal waters east of Italy. Despite boasting a large cargo capacity, Argosy-type vessels could typically be sailed with a relatively small crew, making them a highly economical alternative at the time.Read More

Freightliner Trucking Jobs

Our world is full of technological marvels that sometimes boggle our minds. We have powerful machines that can carry us from one end of the globe to the other, or transport large amounts of goods across an entire nation. But these incredible vehicles don’t drive themselves. They have to be powered by something, and that something is, of course, an engine.Read More


Armellini Trucking

The Vast amount of trucking companies out there that choosing one to work for can be exceedingly difficult. Every company is different and offers various promises to their employees. You will want a company that not only offers you great things but that will follow through with those promises. But which company can you count on? Read More


CDL Employers Look to Hire Retired Drivers

For some people, retirement is the time for you to enjoy your life after working long hours for decades. Then there are some people who decide that they need to get back into the employment world. This could be because their retirement funds are not enough to live off of or because they are simply bored and do not want to just sit around all day long. Read More


CDL Jobs for People with Felony Records

The good thing about the country that we live in is that we are all about second chances. Rehabilitation of felons is all about giving them a second chance in hopes of redeeming themselves. They cannot do this alone. Read More


Military Vets Find CDL Opportunities

There are various groups that you always hear are having difficulties re-entering the job force. You hear about people with felony records having difficulty finding reliable employment. Stay-at-home moms also have a great deal of difficulty going back to work as do retirees. Read More

Trends in CDL Jobs October 2016

The trucking industry is one that is constantly evolving over time. If this is an industry that you are interested in working in, then you will want to keep an eye out for these trends. In fact, if you are looking for any job, keeping an eye out for these trends can be incredibly beneficial to you. Read More

A New App for Trucking, Amazon is in the Fast Track

A new app is being developed to connect truck drivers with companies. It will be similar to Uber who links drivers to passengers. This will benefit the 800 billion trucking industry, eliminating the middleman and adjusting costs in a fast paced world. Intermediaries or brokers who charge up to 15% to get the ball rolling would be out of the picture, leaving the negotiations to the interested parties. Read More

Becoming Automated

Amazon is starting a new form of business practice that will revolutionize shopping completely. Opening with a new automated store that will change the way consumers shop. They are the pioneers of an emerging trend that will quickly catch on. The giant retail mogul has just opened in Seattle a 1,800 square foot convenience store. The store is stacked with items such as basic supplies, pre made meals, and meal kits. It doesn’t have check out counters or cashiers. It is a place to go in and out without a hassle. Read More

Getting Trucking To Start Rolling Again

The state of Carolina has a deficit of new truck drivers. The industry has been slow to attract new people and oxygenate the aging population of drivers. Most of the commercial licenses that have been issued are 52 years old and there is an important shortage of new candidates. Read More

Innovative Research Center in Ohio

Ohio is going to be the state where new tests for the self-driving truck will continue. Officials have stated that next Monday an automated truck will be travelling on a busy road, with an experienced driver. The idea is to see the performance in a real life situation so the technology can be perfected. Read More

Robotic Trucks: A Look inside the Future of the Trucking Industry

Picture this: driving down the highway and telling your children about how when you were young, trucks used to have friendly drivers who would honk their horn for fun if you asked nicely. They look out the window at the truck travelling next to you, disbelief evident on their face as they stare at the windowless, driverless, hulk of a machine hauling an oversized load. Believe it or not, it could become a reality in the coming decades. Read More

Saving Jobs

With jobs going for less over seas and automation growing in every industry, America needs to plan for the future. Many blue-collar workers will lose their livelihood and be forced into unemployment if corrective measures are not taken. Just in the trucking industry, driverless jobs could outweigh piloted ones, leaving many unemployed and struggling to get by. Read More

The Hidden Dangers of Truck Driving

Over the years, truck driving has earned a reputation as a job that, although occasionally hazardous, pays quite well. When you stop and look closely it becomes obvious that truck driving is not only dangerous in terms of fatalities, but many non-fatal injuries and dangers present themselves as well. If you have the right personality you can enjoy the benefits, but it is also important to first look at the hidden dangers of truck driving. Read More

Three Ways Switching to Trucking Can Double Your Income

Trucking can be a lucrative field to get into, if you know where to look. That’s right, not all truck driving jobs are created equal. Some pay far more than others. Of course, that higher salary almost always comes as a tradeoff, either for losing time at home or for doing a more hazardous type of driving. If long hours spent alone don’t bother you and you don’t having a problem braving those dangerous conditions, then switching to trucking as a profession could enable you to out-earn your current boss. Read More

Automation Affecting Your Industry

A recent White House report indicates that over half of all current trucking jobs may cease to exist as new technology is implemented. With the rise of artificial intelligence technologies in a variety of industries, many workers have had to change career paths or face possible unemployment. This difficult choice could soon be on the horizon for certain types of trucking jobs. Read More

Veterans: Five Reasons You Should Consider Trucking

Truck driving can be a very rewarding career, but it is certainly not for everyone. In order to succeed you need to have unique characteristics. As a result of their time in the service, veterans can be a great fit for this type of work. Here are five reasons why veterans transitioning to civilian life or looking for a career change should consider trucking. Read More

Freight Trucking Industry

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is widely considered the nation’s leading authority concerning safety, employment, economy and engineering within the industry and have supported the use of fuel tax to improve highway standards and infrastructure. But it is this infrastructure which is in dire need of reforming according to ATA official Chris Spear. He claims industry losses in the area of $50 billion on an annual basis as a result of transgressions in maintenance and overcrowded highways. Read More

Trucking Driver Shortage

America has been in a constantly fluctuating economical state for well over the past decade. One of hardest hit institutions is the trucking industry, where demand for competent professional drivers, since hitting an all-time low during the recession, is now struggling to fill much needed positions as demand has gradually increased. Read More

Women Behind The Wheel

Spirits were high at this year’s eighth annual Salute to Women behind the Wheel, held at the Mid America Trucking Show, Louisville, Kentucky. The senior director of regional transport for Walmart stores Inc., Ann Dyer, delivered the keynote speech and shared her experience growing up with a mother who was a professional driver, and how the obstacles women in the profession have faced have changed over the decades. A Women in Trucking member, Carol Nixon also spoke. She was honoured for the donation of one of her kidneys to the spouse of one of her colleagues. Read More

South African Transport

There is a crisis facing the South African transport industry, and each year hundreds of unlicensed drivers are putting companies and fellow road users at risk. James McKenzie works for one of the leading companies, Barloworld Transport as the executive of human recourses. He claims that only 7/100 applicants meet primary standards and the necessary vetting process means there is a dire shortage of competent drivers within the industry. Read More

Trucking Turnover Rates

More than 70% of national freight cargo is transported via trucks. The industry is pivotal to the U.S. economy and requires over three and a half million professional drivers to shift the tonnage, which comes in at a massive 10.5 billion tons each year. Without their efforts, America would come to an economical stand-still. Read More

Trucking Industry Shortage

It's been no surprise for many years now that the trucking industry has suffered a major downfall when it comes to driver shortage. Nationwide there are hundreds of jobs that will not be fulfilled. This means for many unemployed drivers that will be an average of about $800 a week they will miss out on. This shortage is not because of companies not fulfilling driver spots, but falls on a driver shortage itself. They need the education and experience to be taken on with many companies. Read More

Truck Driving Jobs

Truck drivers are expected to drive up to fourteen hours straight a day, receiving roughly ten hours off prior to the beginning of the next shift. Legislation regulating the amount of driving a trucker performs over the course of a day and week does exist, but these rules are commonly bent and broken. Read More


White House Makes Huge Call on Automation and Truck Jobs

It is the talk of the town that robots are here and will take over the truck jobs. Well the drivers need to be aware of this. This news is not from any place but the white house. The claim is that about more than million people are dependent on driving for their livelihood. These people are on the verge of losing their jobs and also will lose their source of income by none other than the autonomous vehicles. Read More

Trucking Association Issues Roadmap in Natural Gas Implementation

The Ontario government published a climate change action plan, for a five year term, aimed at helping businesses and individuals to transition to a low carbon economy. The government plan specifies initiatives and programs totaling to C$8.3 billion to be spent over the next five years. These initiatives are expected to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 9.8 million tons or at least below 15% of the 1990 levels, by 2020; the greenhouse gas emissions are further expected to reduce by 37% by the year 2030. Read More

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