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White House Makes Huge Call on Automation and Truck Jobs

It is the talk of the town that robots are here and will take over the truck jobs. Well the drivers need to be aware of this. This news is not from any place but the white house. The claim is that about more than million people are dependent on driving for their livelihood. These people are on the verge of losing their jobs and also will lose their source of income by none other than the autonomous vehicles.

Most of the protected jobs that are going to be taken away from the people by these cold, cruel and lifeless steel machines are in the trucking industry. It is reported in the Quartz dated 20 December 2016 that a total of 1.7 million people are working in this trucking sector and nearly 80-100% of these jobs are going to be taken over by these automated machines.

It is reported that not only the truck jobs but also the jobs of drivers that are self –employed with the on- demand services along with delivery drivers will also have to bear the brunt of the takeover by the robots.

As if this awful news is not enough to shake up the drivers it is opined by the intellectuals that it is not known where these people who are at present working in the truck industry as drivers in different roles like delivery and the like will find jobs in this latest and modern automated industry. Further the report elaborates that there are different government services such as education, assistance in job search, apprenticeship and training to offer the certification of new skills and conduct insurance will have to provide to make sure that the people who have lost their jobs in the truck industry as drivers and other roles will not be neglected and left high and dry. In the present scenario it is found that the jobs as drivers and other roles in the truck industry are well paid jobs as compared to different jobs that require the same kind of educational qualifications.

There is a recommendation from the white house that is proactive and this approach will put those people whose job is at risk into some kind of training. This kind of service will be offered by some good trainers and will prepare them well to face a different scenario and also the final elimination of the driving jobs that are lost to automation.

In the report it is found to state that if this country the USA fails to augment and improve the education and training of the children and also in retaining the adults with different skills needed for running the new found industry that is an economy that is driven more and more by none other than the artificial intelligence or also known as the bot.

Further in the same report you can find that the country is at risk at this stage. And the risk is that the Americans will be left behind and will lose its position that it holds as the economic leader at the international level.

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