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Becoming Automated

Amazon is starting a new form of business practice that will revolutionize shopping completely. Opening with a new automated store that will change the way consumers shop. They are the pioneers of an emerging trend that will quickly catch on. The giant retail mogul has just opened in Seattle a 1,800 square foot convenience store. The store is stacked with items such as basic supplies, pre made meals, and meal kits. It doesn’t have check out counters or cashiers. It is a place to go in and out without a hassle.

The store is called Amazon Go and it just opened for the company’s employees. It uses sensors to track the items that exit the store and charges them to the person who has them. This revolutionary technology will change forever, how we shop. For now, only employees have access to this convenient experience.

According Amazon’s website this first pilot of a smart store was born from the desire to push limits. To use computer skills and programs so that customers can just go in, and take what they want. It is an amazing combination of sensors, artificial intelligence and technology adapting and learning. They are naming it as “walk out” technology. It will allow customers to buy without the long lines or operating scanners that are sometimes difficult to use.

Another innovation is also on its way. The company is working on a concept where the customers can order on line and then just pick up their merchandise, from their cars. This would put in place, license plate reading technology to facilitate the process and avoid long lines. In Seattle two stores equipped with this technology are being constructed and will soon be operating.

For Amazon this is a win, win situation. They get clients to shop faster and with ease. At the same time that they are able to collect data that keeps track of buying tendencies and consumer preferences. Which gives the marketing department a whole lot of data, to personalize recommendations and better care for their customers.

This bold move and will replace many employees for machines. The Los Angeles Times reported that the company has already put in place 30,000 robots for their warehouses. This tendency to automate and rely more in machines is not only limited to Amazon, Uber has also experimented with deliveries with almost no human assistance. Otto their side company completed a beer distribution without the support of a driver. Travis Kalanack, Uber’s CEO has gone as far as to say that trucking cost are high because of the human element.

This phenomenon has created a need to protect those who are more vulnerable, like cashiers and truck drivers. For this reason some of the technological leaders are lobbying so the government designates a compensation for those caught in the changes due to automation. They want to start a fund that would help them prepare for the new job demands.

Donald Trump as part of his campaign has promised to bring back manufacturing jobs to the USA and help boost employment. In this innovative time with fast paced changes prospective workforces will need a whole new set of skills. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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