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    Freightliner Trucking Jobs


Freightliner Trucking Jobs


Freightliner Trucking Jobs

Our world is full of technological marvels that sometimes boggle our minds. We have powerful machines that can carry us from one end of the globe to the other, or transport large amounts of goods across an entire nation. But these incredible vehicles don’t drive themselves. They have to be powered by something, and that something is, of course, an engine. The engine is one of the more complicated machines humanity has invented, but with it we can practically move mountains. Even so, there’s no denying that certain types of jobs need certain types of engines, and no engine serves the need of large transportation trucks than Freightliner Argosy engines.

The term ‘Argosy’ originated back in the seventeenth century, when Italy constructed a particular model of seafaring craft to transport goods across the shallow shoals of their coasts. Despite being so maneuverable the ship was capable of being manned by only a few sailors, making it one of the most economic developments in sea trade at the time.

The new Argosy engines don’t really tackle anything related to the ocean, but they do still carry the same mantra of efficiency without sacrificing productivity. Currently, Argosy engines are only available in Australia and New Zealand, but hopefully this revolutionary trucking technology will affect the global trucking world soon enough.

Thing is, the Argosy isn’t just the engine, it’s the whole truck, and it truly is a new breed of transport. The newest model has been upgraded far beyond the older Freightliner Argosy engines, and they are equipped with new technologies as well. The new Argosy comes with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system, or SCR, that is designed to meet Euro VI or equivalent emission criteria.

But though the entire truck has been upgraded in a variety of minor ways to make them more convenient for the drivers, the biggest change to the Freightliner vehicle is still the Argosy engine. More powerful than ever before while still employing the aforementioned SCR technology, the Cummins 15-litre ISX is a truly powerful machine. Equipped with a 30,000+psi XPI (Extreme Pressure Injection) and a waste gate turbo, this new engine boasts 550hp at 2,000rpm, and 1,850 ft/lbs (2,500Nm) of maximum torque.

Needless to say, this is more power than most any truck in the world can produce right now. With the Cummins 15-litre ISX, just one cab will be able to carry more weight farther and faster than practically any of the competition. Just like the old Argosy boats, the efficiency of this engine and truck combination can’t be beat. Argosy still holds true to its roots and the efficiency that it was so well-known for, making it a force of commerce to be reckoned with. There’s no doubt that, as the Argosy line becomes available in more countries around the world, it will undoubtedly begin to revolutionize the way we engage in trade, commerce, and transportation. Without a doubt, the Argosy line lives up to its name and its legacy even now. Drive for Armellini Express Lines today! Visit Drive Armellini.


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