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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Getting Trucking To Start Rolling Again

The state of Carolina has a deficit of new truck drivers. The industry has been slow to attract new people and oxygenate the aging population of drivers. Most of the commercial licenses that have been issued are 52 years old and there is an important shortage of new candidates.

The problem is not entirely confined to South Carolina it is a nationwide concern. The estimated shortage is of 48000 drivers for the whole USA and 2000 for South Carolina. That is why the S C General Assembly has been called to help with the study and to determine what possible solutions can be found. Rick Todd from the South Carolina Trucking Association and also a committee member is searching for innovative ways to attract new candidates.

The General Assembly has been considering scholarship programs, tuition reimbursement, more instructors, and CDL courses so that it is easier for students to enroll and afford costs. They are also suggesting that instructors should receive a better compensation so that courses are much better. It is really important that the whole study program, receives a new face-lift that will make it more appealing.

The General Assembly is also recommending that trucking companies help alleviate the problem by hiring newly licensed CDL drivers. This could give them valuable experience and since government agencies have reduced liabilities the program benefits everybody. They would have guaranteed employment that could then take them to the private sector with skills and time on the road.

They are also addressing another major problem. New drivers can get their license at 18, but cannot cross state lines until they are 21, making it difficult for new graduates to find employment. Also insurance costs for young drivers are very steep and practically overburden companies with excessive costs. This makes hiring young people unnatractive.

According to data from the Assembly a new driver can start to work earning 50.000 a year with little experience and can find available job openings. So the market is there, it only needs the human element. The shortage for the next 8 years is estimated at a 175.000 drivers and reaching up to 350.000 in ten years.

Even though there are a lot of training schools that have specialized courses, Gregg Grubb of G&P Trucking feels that they are still lacking in practical experience. At his company new recruits are given a minimum of 4 weeks of extra hands on classes. This helps them ease into the work with the help of experienced drivers.

South Carolina also intends to work with the technical college system to support CDL courses and increase attendance. They need to find a way to make it attractive for prospective students and for companies. They need to reach a point where graduating students have a feel for the job and the necessary knowledge to go out into the real world.

Implementing hands on program with companies will help new graduates to ease into work in a better situation. They will be on the road in a controlled environment, and can better appraise if the lifestyle suits them. It will also help them develop good practices that will help them throughout their career. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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