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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Innovative Research Center In Ohio

Ohio is going to be the state where new tests for the self-driving truck will continue. Officials have stated that next Monday an automated truck will be travelling on a busy road, with an experienced driver. The idea is to see the performance in a real life situation so the technology can be perfected.

The trip will be through the central part of the State on a 35-mile stretch. It is on route 33 on a road that is divided into four lanes. This important corridor will be used for more testing and in the next year will have an optic fiber network and slated sensor systems. It will be a groundbreaking space for all automated vehicles, in real time and traffic.

The company that is conducting the test is called Otto and is being helped by the Transportation and Research Center located between Dublin and East Liberty in Ohio State. This is an independent investigation facility that will monitor the progress of the drive, with an experienced driver who can guarantee the safety and correct any mistakes.

Gov. John Kasich in the next few days is going to divulge all the information, about how the autonomous vehicle research is going to helped and supported by the State. He certainly wants to put this amazing corridor in the forefront of investigative research and attract other innovative companies.

Ohio has also approved the use of the Turnpike for self driven vehicles. Officials will testing to occur on the 241-mile toll road that is the main automotive artery. This is a road with a heavy amount of traffic that connects the East Coast to Chicago. A perfect scenario, to see how the automated vehicles respond in a chaotic environment with substantial movement and also to test all its capabilities.

There is still a long way to go, but Ohio is getting ahead of the game. It is becoming a very important research center, where state of the art technology is going to be put to the test.

A new era has begun and surely amazing things will come from the research. Transportation is going to reach a whole new level. Human error and fatigue is going to be replaced by advanced technology that can easily be programmed. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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