Military Vets Find CDL Opportunities
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    Military Vets Find CDL Opportunities


Military Vets Find CDL Opportunities


Military Vets Find CDL Opportunities

There are various groups that you always hear are having difficulties re-entering the job force. You hear about people with felony records having difficulty finding reliable employment. Stay-at-home moms also have a great deal of difficulty going back to work as do retirees. Another group that suffers from difficulty gaining employment is military veterans. They go overseas to fight for our freedoms but for some reason, they get forgotten when they come back and they somehow get lost in the shuffle. Military vets deserve so much better than what they are currently getting. However, one industry that is very welcoming to the military vets is the trucking industry.

To fix this problem, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration decided to help out this group through their Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training grant program. They handed out $1 million in grants to 7 community colleges and technical schools to offer training to military veterans, as well as their families, for careers as truck drivers. This is just one example of the efforts from the FMCSA in order to get military veterans employment opportunities that offer amazing benefits and pay. By having a job, military veterans can have an easier time to get back into a routine and assimilate back into the world outside of war.

There are other things in place that the FMCSA that they have offered to put into effect and have issued to help with getting military vets positions in the trucking industry. One was a pilot program that they were considering that would allow military vets that were under the age of 21 to operate trucks across state lines as long as they had experience driving large vehicles while serving in the military. There is also a Final Rule, which gives a waiver to military veterans that drove commercial vehicles while serving that gives them an entire year to pass the CDL skills test. This is a huge increase from the 90 days that they were previously offered. The FMCSA is always looking for ways to help the industry and this includes helping a diverse group of job seekers find employment. This is a mutually beneficial relationship as this helps the industry fill up their ranks to help reduce the costs as well as offering people the chance to gain solid employment.

Armellini is a company is a place that welcomes hardworking individuals who are looking for a job that can support themselves and their families. Military veterans are a vulnerable group that will often face a great deal of adversity as they try to adjust to their lives back at home after they have served overseas. This is exactly why there is such a problem with homeless veterans. This is a group that has done so much for our country that it is only fair that they get the opportunities that they deserve when they come back home. If you are a military veteran that has been struggling with finding employment, you should visit Drive Armellini.


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