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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


New App For Trucking

A new app is being developed to connect truck drivers with companies. It will be similar to Uber who links drivers to passengers. This will benefit the 800 billion trucking industry, eliminating the middleman and adjusting costs in a fast paced world. Intermediaries or brokers who charge up to 15% to get the ball rolling would be out of the picture, leaving the negotiations to the interested parties.

This new app will be released by Amazon next summer and will be able to offer pricing immediately. It will also include directions for the route, available and recommended truck stops, tracking of the journey and available payment options. Taking care of all the logistics that are usually in the hands of the broker. This will not only reduce costs but it will make shipping more efficient for both Amazon and consumers.

It will open a new front for Amazon; they will not only end their business with there shipping suppliers, they will also compete with them. As of now Amazon is getting together a team of engineers to work on this project. Teams that can put the entire project together and deliver a working model. They are also seeking a principal product manager for this new transportation organization, which can manage all the necessary information.

Statistics show that 84% of freighting cost, are for trucking, and that it is a common job for Americans in 29 states. Until now technology has not innovated this space and the new app will link Amazon directly to trucking companies. Amazon already has a huge demand of deliveries and routes; they just need to create an efficient workload for distribution.

There are still some issues that need to addressed, so that everything is according to regulations. Issues like the amount of time a driver can go without a break, how the necessary buttons, to access the system can be pressed safely while driving. But these are all minor things if you compare the enormous benefits. The app will not only help the cargo get to where it is needed, it will also ensure that driver is not overloaded and fit.

Most trucking companies are small and have a few trucks operating. Eliminating the middlemen will give them a better margin and control over their operations. They are not subjected to the broker’s timelines and set-ups. This gives the whole process a more technological approach that will benefit those involved.

Even before the app has been released, the stocks of large shipping company have gone down in the market, their shares plummeting about 2.5 %. Nobody knows how this trend will launch, but even if it needs a few wrinkles ironed out, it is probably a tendency that will stay. It is only a matter of time before other businesses decide to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Consumers all want their products delivered as soon as possible and with shipping costs going down, more people will continue their Internet shopping. It is a growing movement not only for commercial merchandises but also for essentials. Delivery is a booming business that will continue to grow and thrive. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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