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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Saving Jobs

With jobs going for less over seas and automation growing in every industry, America needs to plan for the future. Many blue-collar workers will lose their livelihood and be forced into unemployment if corrective measures are not taken. Just in the trucking industry, driverless jobs could outweigh piloted ones, leaving many unemployed and struggling to get by.

Tests are already being conducted in many parts of Europe and in the USA. Trucks are going out driverless with just a human copilot to verify that everything runs smoothly. It is estimated that in the next 20 years trips will be completely automated. This will compromise a lot of truckers who will be laid off.

According to Jerry Jackson this will only make the economy sour. If there is a whole group of workers unemployed there will be no money to buy all the transported goods. The big truck company owners will be the ones that profit the most. Their profits will increase with fewer employees, while those out of work will overwhelm the job market.

Truck driver still make a middle class income without needing a college degree. If their jobs were lost they would be unprepared to face new challenges. This is a very important concern that needs to be addressed before we are facing this dilemma. Government needs to find a strategy that will minimize the impact and resolve the loss of income.

This change will affect more people and not just truck drivers. There is a whole industry dedicated to catering to the needs of those on the road. Truck stops, diners and motels will be hit. There are many small communities and rural towns that live off the business that goes their way. Places with economies that are fragile, and would be decimated by the impact.

Moreover safety is also going to be a great concern. Statistics report that car drivers cause 80% of accidents. This new technology would be unable to use the defense tactics, their human counterpart employs. Some of the times driving instinctively can avoid a catastrophe. It needs to be tested in real time situations so that it can be equipped with the best knowledge.

Right now the trucking industry is making 700 billion a year. According to Morgan Stanley the new driverless technology will save 168 billions annually. A significant rate reduction, which means more money for bigger companies that can afford the cost. So the numbers look good for corporate boards, but not for little companies.

In the end everyone will suffer, because the reduced transportation costs will cost a great many jobs. So taxes would have to be added to create a relief program for those who end up, unemployed. This new government has to make some tough decisions. Obama was all for automated technology.

Donald Trump during his campaign has repeatedly advocated for the workingman. All he needs to do is stop the millions of federal funding for research. It will hurt those who have invested, but in the long run it might slow down the process until there is a mitigating plan to take away the sting. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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