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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Trucking Industry Shortage

It's been no surprise for many years now that the trucking industry has suffered a major downfall when it comes to driver shortage. Nationwide there are hundreds of jobs that will not be fulfilled. This means for many unemployed drivers that will be an average of about $800 a week they will miss out on. This shortage is not because of companies not fulfilling driver spots, but falls on a driver shortage itself. They need the education and experience to be taken on with many companies.

John Wood Community College’s driver program trains around 75 drivers each year. However this is not enough as the companies around are calling for more than 200 drivers. If drivers are looking for an incentive to complete their training, DOT Transportation has come up with a solution. Dot Foods offers a scholarship for their students that will increase their scholarship funding. This increase is pushing that extra $1000 that students would normally pay out of their pocket back into it. This program also states that if the drivers stay with the company for a minimum of three years. They will fully reimburse student drivers for their training. This is a great way for drivers to get the experience they need to move on to bigger companies.

The Demand for drivers is very high and this driver shortfall has an impact on everyone. ATA has estimated that they will need nearly 90,000 to meet all the demand and to cover for drivers who are retiring from the industry. Raising the need for companies to retain student drivers.

With people shopping more online and relying on the truck drivers to bring their products to them. The shortage has been really noticed. There is about 10.5 billion tons moved over the roads every year. And this driver shortage put a major delay on many receiving their products on time and may even mean the drivers that are out on the road may experience longer runs. This extra time on the road, put drivers at a higher risk compared to if the shortage was fulfilled. The average worker age is around 40 to 42 while the average for a driver is 49.

In 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics spoke of the salary for commercial drivers was $40,000 compared to private fleets can earn up to $73,000. There are many types of jobs for different drivers. Some may prefer to stay local as others are willing to go on the long haul. Often times over the road drivers’ salary is substantially higher.

Many companies are having to face the fact that their supply and demand for driver is an issue that must be addressed. There are many student drivers out there that may already have jobs lined out after they complete their programs. But it does ultimately remain that there is still a shortage of even student drivers. The supply and demand need to be met in order for business to remain successful. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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