Trucking Turnover Rates

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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Trucking Turnover Rates

More than 70% of national freight cargo is transported via trucks. The industry is pivotal to the U.S. economy and requires over three and a half million professional drivers to shift the tonnage, which comes in at a massive 10.5 billion tons each year. Without their efforts, America would come to an economical stand-still.

American Trucking Associations (ATA), the nation’s lead voice within the industry, have claimed that driver turnover at the country’s larger fleets has taken a dive of 10%, the lowest in six years, with reports that smaller fleets are facing similar figures.

But chief economist Bob Costello is optimistic that numbers will soon be on the rise again, stating in a recent interview: "As inventory levels throughout the supply chain are drawn down to more normal levels, and freight volumes recover, we should see turnover rise along with concerns about the driver shortage."

Others find console in Bob’s words at this time, the concerning turnover rates at large carriers have been in decline for the past four months, creating complications for fleets transporting cargo worth over $30,000,000! And in 2014 the trucking industry in America was short by 38,000 drivers!

America’s relationship with the ATA has been a strong and co-dependent one with over 50 affiliated state trucking organizations in the federation. At such a crucial time we look toward the ATA to offer guidance and advice to bring these unnerving rates back up to levels synonymous with demand.

The turnover rates have fluctuated constantly over the last 15 years and the reasons vary greatly, one of the most strenuous times for the force was working through the recession, which lead to a diminished need for a driving workforce and from which it is still recovering today. The work force is also aging as fewer young people take an interest in the professional driving career path and due to improvements in safety standards, carriers have become increasingly selective when hiring candidates.

ATA officials appear non-the-less confident they can tackle this issue and are familiar with procedures. They are working toward incentivizing school leavers and working with government to train a new generation of drivers, rebuilding a quality workforce that they can be proud of. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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