Veterans: Five Reasons You Should Consider Trucking

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    Truck Driving


Truck Driving


Veterans: Five Reasons You Should Consider Trucking

Truck driving can be a very rewarding career, but it is certainly not for everyone. In order to succeed you need to have unique characteristics. As a result of their time in the service, veterans can be a great fit for this type of work. Here are five reasons why veterans transitioning to civilian life or looking for a career change should consider trucking.

1: Travel Opportunity
As a truck driver, you typically cover a large part of the country. Regional trucking jobs are less common, so truck drivers have earned the nickname “professional tourist”. As veterans transition to civilian life, many of them find that they miss the travel aspect of their time in the service.

Trucking gives you an opportunity to see small towns and big cities, along with mountains, grasslands and coastlines. Just about every part of the country you fought so hard to protect as a soldier, you get to gaze upon daily as a truck driver.

2: Peace and Quiet
The majority of your time as a truck driver is spent in solitude. Long hours on the road and very few days home mean you have relatively little time spent in social interaction. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however. Many people enjoy truck driving simply because it gives them a chance to listen to themselves think.

3: The Green Stuff
First year OTR truck drivers can expect to make upwards of 30,000 while more hazardous routes (think “Ice Road Truckers”) can near six figures. Another great benefit of the amount of time spent on the road can be a healthy savings account. Seasoned truck drivers report being able to save over half their pay; when they do come home, it’s usually to a house that is completely paid off and a car they enjoy driving.

4: Relevant Experience
There are a few aspects of truck driving that are typically flagged as difficulties, or special characteristics required to be successful in the industry. If you are hauling oversize load or hazardous material, you need to be especially detail-oriented in order to prevent unpleasant situations while sharing the road with other drivers. One trait many veterans retain after service is a sense of discipline and great attention to detail.

Another concern for many people who consider trucking is the need to stay alert for extended period of time, by yourself, while driving. This may seem like a small thing to veterans who have received training on how to remain alert on little or no sleep, but it truly makes a huge difference in the safety of the driver as well as anyone else on the road.

5: Transition to Civilian Life
There are already programs to help veterans find jobs and transition smoothly to civilian life. Some of these organizations have even worked with trucking companies to secure pay increases or special bonuses for veterans. While not always substantial, it is worth doing your homework and finding a company to partner with that appreciates your sacrifice.

There are also some special services available to military personnel and veterans that can make transitioning from the service to truck driving a much simpler process. For instance, some states will allow you to get a CDL license without taking the usual tests if you can prove sufficient experience as a result of your MOS in the military.

All things considered, there is no perfect job for everyone. Many civilians love trucking, and some veterans may not enjoy it one bit. However, if you are starting your transition to civilian life and are looking for a career you can enjoy--your unique experiences as a veteran just might make you a perfect fit for the job. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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