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Women Behind The Wheel

Spirits were high at this year’s eighth annual Salute to Women behind the Wheel, held at the Mid America Trucking Show, Louisville, Kentucky. The senior director of regional transport for Walmart stores Inc., Ann Dyer, delivered the keynote speech and shared her experience growing up with a mother who was a professional driver, and how the obstacles women in the profession have faced have changed over the decades. A Women in Trucking member, Carol Nixon also spoke. She was honoured for the donation of one of her kidneys to the spouse of one of her colleagues.

The president of Women in Trucking, and CEO, Ellen Voie, praised the year’s charitable accomplishments by the organization. Of particular note was the groups involvement in the Girl Scout Transportation patch, and educational practical sessions with officials in office. It has also modernised with the engineering of a new WIT app, index and a directory for rating truck stops across the country. Voie also shared her intention to release a new mascot toy as part of the awareness campaign.

Women in Trucking is a non-profit outfit, spreading awareness and supporting female drivers within the industry. They are by far not a radical feminist group, with many male supporters and contacts with whom they work closely to curtails the challenges faced by their female employees. Walmart is an avid supporter of the foundation, winning the award for driver participation this year for having 21 of their members in attendance.

169 women were honoured at this year’s celebration, boasting a combined 2700 years behind the wheel between them. Of the 169, six women received recognition for careers ranging forty years and more! Next year’s summit is due to take place on March 24th. Members and non-members alike are encouraged to attend. If this sounds like the career for you, visit Drive Armellini.


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